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Porcelain veneers, it's a layer that we add to the tooth structure to improve either aesthetics or the function of the tooth. We can place it on the teeth that have damaged tooth structure or for people who have any chips or voids or gaps on the teeth so that it improves overall appearance and, as I said, function of the tooth. The process can take as little as one appointment because we have CEREC technology in the office. With CEREC technology it is a computerized technology that lets us take digital impressions of the teeth in one appointment, and at the same time create a design and mill the porcelain restoration, bake it and finally cement it then insert it the same day. Or it can be a two-step appointment where we discuss the procedure with the patient take all the records, the models and their concerns and our recommendations, and then we take impressions for the veneer and the next time we meet the patient, typically if it's send out to our lab, typically we meet them in two weeks try everything in and cement it possibly in that appointment. Our veneer patients are very happy with the results it brings smile on their faces because when they come in usually they come in with the concern of the aesthetics and then once they get the final product they're very happy.

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