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Smile Makeover


Our smile makeover procedures combine treatments to deliver a stunning, healthy smile. For each patient, the treatment is personalized to fit the needs of the individual. These life-changing treatments may include cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers, gum and periodontal procedures, and other dental techniques to help patients achieve their ultimate goals.

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So one of the greatest things that we do here is when we do a smile makeover. A smile makeover would be a combination of different procedures. They can range from just a little bit of enamel or reshaping of the tooth structure to cosmetic bonding, where we actually bond tooth-colored materials to the teeth. Porcelain veneers, where we use a thin shell of custom-made porcelain that covers the front of the teeth. Gum procedures that are done or periodontal procedures that are done to increase the amount of tooth structure that you show when you smile. A lot of different type things we can use when we do a smile makeover to change a person's appearance and their confidence about them. So a smile makeover can be a really simple or quick procedure where it's all done in one visit. Or a smile makeover might take several appointments over the course of weeks or months. Patients come in and we ask them specific questions about, are they happy with their smile, or are there things they want to change about their smile. And once we know what the patient's desires are and what their wants are, with a smile makeover we are actually able to increase confidence in themselves. If you are an adult and you are seeking a job, it is very important to have a nice smile and feel confident about it. So when we see these changes in people, it actually changes their personality when they feel good about how they look and about their smiles in particular. Smile makeovers can definitely be life-changing procedures. It's amazing when you see how somebody, not physically so much, but how their personality changes when they feel good about themselves, and when they are confident about their smile.

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