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Porcelain Veneers

We offer both traditional and minimum-prep veneers at Dentistry at the Heights to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile. Veneers are thin shells that are placed over the front of teeth to conceal a range of cosmetic imperfections. Thanks to our advanced CEREC® (chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics) machine, it is even possible to complete a veneers treatment during a single appointment.

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Porcelain Crowns

If a damaged or worn tooth is detracting from the beauty of your smile, we can renew its appearance and function with a porcelain crown. A crown is a custom cap that completely covers the surface of a tooth. Dentistry at the Heights proudly features crowns made of advanced materials that are highly lifelike and incredibly durable. In addition, we can create same-day dental crowns using our in-office CEREC® machine.

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Smile Makeover

If we find that a single cosmetic procedure cannot achieve all of your aesthetic goals, we can perform a smile makeover by combining multiple procedures into a personalized treatment plan. Planning a comprehensive set of procedures at one time allows us to achieve dramatic results while minimizing office visits, recovery times, and costs.

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Invisalign® offers a discreet and comfortable way to achieve beautifully straight teeth. Rather than using brackets and wires, you will wear a set of clear plastic trays that will gently move your teeth into proper alignment. Not only are Invisalign® trays virtually invisible when worn, they are also removable, so you can continue to enjoy all of your favorite foods.

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Teeth Whitening

An in-office Zoom!® whitening can brighten your smile by several shades. In addition to in-office treatments, we also offer take-home trays so that you can touch up at home over time. 

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Dental Bonding

If you are seeking to correct stains or minor forms of damage, dental bonding may offer a minimally invasive solution. During this treatment, we will apply a tooth-colored composite material to the surfaces of teeth, filling in chips and cracks and hiding blemishes. The material will be shaped, smoothed, and hardened to achieve an incredibly natural-looking result.

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