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Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth, you know how difficult it can be to eat, speak, and even smile with ease.

Fortunately, Dentistry at the Heights can give back your beautiful, functional smile with dental implants.

Our implant dentists in Brooklyn, NY, use the most advanced technology to ensure you enjoy the finest results. Ready to get started?

How Do Dental Implants Work?

A dentist surgically places dental implants made from materials like titanium and zirconia in the jawbone to replace missing tooth roots. After the implants have fused with the jawbone in a process called osseointegration, they can be restored with custom crowns, bridges, or dentures to replace missing teeth.

What Implant Treatment Can Do for You

When a patient with missing teeth visits our practice in Brooklyn, they have a number of effective options to restore their smile. However, our dentists will always recommend dental implants as the top treatment for tooth loss. Explore the advantages of implant dentistry over other tooth replacement options.

Restore Your Oral Function

Dental implants offer unparalleled stability for tooth restorations. While traditional options like removable dentures have to be taken out for cleaning each day, the crowns, bridges, or dentures that implants support remain firmly in place at all times. They allow you to eat and speak with natural function, and you’ll never have to be without a complete smile again.

Boost Your Confidence

Missing teeth can take a toll on your self-esteem, and some treatment options aren't as effective as others. For example, removable dentures are typically held in place by suction or with a dental adhesive, but they can still be prone to slipping, which can create embarrassing moments. Implant-supported restorations are both incredibly stable and incredibly lifelike. They can be precisely shaped, shaded, and colored to match your natural teeth, ensuring seamless results that you’ll be proud to show off in any situation.

Offer Durable Results

Removable dental bridges and dentures typically have lifespans of about 5-10 years. Implant-supported restorations, on the other hand, can last up to 20 years with good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist. Even better, the implants themselves can last a lifetime.

Protect Your Jawbone

When you lose a tooth, the underlying jawbone naturally begins to deteriorate from a lack of stimulation from the tooth roots. This deterioration can cause additional dental health issues, like shifting teeth and further tooth loss. Because dental implants are embedded in the jawbone, they mimic the function of the tooth roots, keeping the jaw healthy and strong. They are the only tooth replacement option that offers this benefit.

Are Dental Implants Right for You? Request a Consultation to Explore Your Options

From single implant-supported dental crowns to complete implant-supported dentures, Dr. Kevin Trotter and his team offer treatment options to address all levels of tooth loss, including the innovative All-on-4® method for more efficient full-arch replacements. 

Our Brooklyn team is composed of skilled dental professionals with extensive experience in implant dentistry. Patients just like you visit us every day for premier dental implant care, and they leave at the end of their treatment journeys with beautiful results that look and feel just like natural teeth. 

No matter what state your smile is in when you first come to us, you’ll be treated with respect and the highest standard of care in a judgment-free atmosphere. To begin your treatment journey, contact us online or call: 

Dr. Trotter

"Best dental experience EVER." Our Patients Have Great Things to Say About Us


Debra Feldman


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Best dental experience EVER. Dr. Tomizawa is clear and kind and quick and painless. The entire team is such a pleasure to spend time with. They've all helped me smile

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Lisa Barr


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I will confess, I'm a nervous patient when it comes to dentists. Always have been. I "discovered" this practice a few years ago & while I am still nervous working with this AMAZING dentist & staff makes for a better visit. I actually enjoy getting my teeth cleaned & any "work" that needs to be done is explained in a way I understand. I highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a dental office that cares.

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Candidacy for Dental Implants

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Good Oral Health

You must be in a state of good oral health before undergoing any kind of oral surgery. Pre-existing dental health conditions like widespread tooth decay and gum disease must be addressed before beginning dental implant treatment. Fortunately, we offer a range of general and restorative dentistry services, including deep cleanings and periodontal care, that can get you back on track to better health.

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Sufficient Jawbone Density

Because the jawbone begins to deteriorate shortly after tooth loss, it can become too weak to support dental implants. However, if you have been missing teeth for a while, it doesn’t necessarily mean that implants aren’t right for you. Our Brooklyn, NY, dental team can perform a preparatory bone graft or sinus lift to restore lost bone tissue to the area and significantly improve your candidacy.

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Good Overall Health

Certain medical conditions, like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other autoimmune disorders, can make recovering from surgery more difficult. Patients with controlled diabetes can still be excellent candidates for dental implants, but it’s important to tell your dentist if you have this condition or any other condition that may affect your recovery. Additionally, patients who smoke are encouraged to quit several months before implant placement surgery.

Worried About Your Procedure? We Offer Sedation — Get in Touch to Learn More

Dr. Trotter

The thought of oral surgery can make even the bravest patients feel a bit anxious. Even though dental implant surgery is virtually painless with the help of local anesthesia, we understand that it might take a little more to give you complete peace of mind during the procedure.

If you have dental anxiety, a sensitive smile, or anything else that might keep you from feeling comfortable while in our care, sedation will always be available to you at our Brooklyn practice. We offer nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation to meet a wide range of patient needs. Each of these options can induce a state of deep relaxation that helps your treatment fly by without pain or worry. 

Would you like to explore adding sedation to your dental implant treatment plan? We're happy to discuss your options. Contact us online or give us a call: 

(718) 625-2116

"The whole thing was a pain-free experience!" 5-Star Reviews for Dentistry at the Heights


Rebecca Victor


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This place was great! The whole staff was caring and seemed up on the latest technology and techniques so I immediately felt like I could trust them. The support staff was also awesome!!! A lovely woman walked me through my entire care plan with how much everything would cost, what would be covered by insurance, what would not, etc. and made sure I was comfortable with everything. The office also contacted/dealt with insurance on my behalf which is MAJOR. They were down to work within my time constraints too and do the most costly procedures first while I still had insurance coverage. Most importantly, the whole thing was a pain-free experience! I'm glad I chose this practice.

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Anthony Fieldman


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I've been going to Dentistry at the Heights for 15 years now. The best endorsement I can give is the fact that in spite of the fact that I get free health care in Canada, where I split my time with NYC,I choose to pay out of pocket for DATH, because I am so pleased with their level of service that to me, it's worth it. They're a great business—their standard of care, the quality of their work, and the congeniality of their 'chairside' manner are all top notch. Most recently, Dr. Wismer provided exemplary service with a (masked) smile, and I look forward to my next visit.

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The Dental Implant Treatment Timeline

You can choose to receive nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, or IV sedation to ensure your comfort during treatment.
You can choose to receive nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, or IV sedation to ensure your comfort during treatment.

Initial Consultation

Visit our office in Brooklyn, NY, so one of our dentists can meet with you to discuss your implant treatment options. After learning about your oral health history and needs, they will design a customized plan to restore the look and function of your smile. We’ll ensure you’re completely confident in the course of your care before scheduling your surgery.

Calming Sedation

We’ll thoroughly numb the treatment area with local anesthesia to ensure your comfort, but sedation will always be available to you for added peace of mind. 

Implant Placement

Your dentist will make small incisions in your gums to access your jawbone. They will place the titanium implants in your jaw with the help of a precisely planned surgical guide.

First Healing Period

It takes about four to six months for titanium implants to fully fuse with the jawbone. If we aren't able to provide a same-day restoration at the time of your surgery, we'll fit you with a fully functional and lifelike temporary restoration in the meantime.

Abutment Placement

Once you've healed from your implant placement surgery, return to our Brooklyn, NY, office so we can attach abutments to your implants. Abutments are small pieces that create a stable connection between implants and restorations.

Second Healing Period

It typically takes just a few weeks for your gums to heal after abutment placement.

Restoration Placement

Once your gums have healed, return to our office one last time to receive your custom implant-supported restorations. Your dentist will ensure they look, feel, and function as intended. We can make any necessary adjustments before permanently fixing them in place.

Will Insurance Cover My Dental Implants?

Dental insurance rarely covers implants and abutments, but you'll likely receive at least partial coverage for your implant-supported crowns, bridges, or dentures. We are in-network for most insurance plans. A member of our Brooklyn team will be happy to file a claim on your behalf and help you maximize your benefits.

If you are uninsured or anticipating high out-of-pocket costs for your care, we can help. Dentistry at the Heights gladly accepts financing through CareCredit®. This company offers healthcare loans with little or no interest that are repayable in manageable monthly installments. Financing can help keep your dream smile within reach.

"I couldn't recommend them more." More Praise for Our Team in Brooklyn Heights


Shana Dressler


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I’ve Been going to dentistry in the Heights for years. I’ve always had a great experience. Dr. Trotter and his team are always so attentive. I couldn’t recommend them more.

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Igbo Learning


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Excellent service. Dentists are proficient in their skills enough to make a scaredy cat like me comfy in that chair!

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  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists
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Equipped with the latest dental technology, our team can create beautiful, custom dental restorations in one appointment. To schedule an appointment at Dentistry at The Heights, request a consultation online or call us at (718) 625-2116.

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