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Dental Technology

At Dentistry at the Heights, we utilize some of the most cutting-edge technology available, including digital x-rays, an in-office CEREC® (chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics) machine, a cone beam scanner, a DIAGNOdent® cavity detector, a soft tissue laser, and intraoral cameras. In addition, we also offer Netflix, Pandora® radio, and noise-canceling headphones to make each visit more enjoyable.

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Sedation Dentistry

If you suffer from dental phobia, Dentistry at the Heights offers several sedation options to help you remain at ease while receiving the care you deserve. With nitrous oxide (or laughing gas), you will breathe in an odorless gas that will help to relieve anxiety. If you choose oral-conscious sedation, you will be put into a state of deep relaxation while remaining awake. We also offer intravenous (IV) sedation with an anesthesiologist. 

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Periodontal Treatment

When left untreated, periodontal (gum) disease can lead to a range of oral health concerns. Fortunately, we offer comprehensive treatments to address gum disease at each of its stages. We can perform a scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) to remove bacteria from above and below the gum line. We can also provide antibiotic treatment with ARESTIN®. In more advanced cases of gum disease, we can perform oral surgery.

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Oral Cancer Screening

We perform oral cancer screenings as a part of routine examinations to help protect the overall health of our patients. Dr. Trotter will thoroughly inspect your oral tissues, looking for growths, lesions, and other abnormalities. If we spot any cause for concern, we can order a biopsy to make an accurate diagnosis.

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Straight teeth can not only enhance the beauty of your smile, they can also make it easier to maintain good oral health. We offer Invisalign® as a discreet solution for patients with minor misalignment. This treatment involves wearing a set of clear plastic aligners. More complex cases are typically better suited for traditional metal braces. After treatment, we can provide retainers to help you maintain the results.

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Root Canal Therapy

We have an on-staff endodontist who can address tooth infections using gentle techniques. During a root canal procedure, the endodontist will remove infected tissue from within your tooth before filling it in with a rubber-like paste. In most cases, we will complete treatment by placing a dental crown. This procedure is designed to restore the health of a tooth and prevent the need for extraction.

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Hygienic Cleanings and Exams

By undergoing routine exams and cleanings every six months, you can keep your smile strong and healthy. During your visit, we can remove plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth. We can also identify signs of decay, gum disease, and oral cancer in their earliest and most treatable stages.

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Mouth Guards

We offer several types of custom mouth guards that can provide a range of benefits. If you or your child participates in contact sports, we can provide a mouth guard to protect teeth and oral tissues. We also offer mouth guards for those who suffer from bruxism, or teeth grinding. When compared to generic store-bought mouth guards, ours offer a much more precise fit, greater durability, and increased comfort.

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TMJ Disorder Treatment

Temporomandibular joints (TMJs) connect the jaw to the skull. TMJ disorder can develop when these joints become inflamed or damaged. To alleviate discomfort associated with TMD, we offer non-surgical treatments including splint therapy. This oral appliance can relieve pressure on the joints.

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