Sedation Dentistry

Many patients avoid going to the dentist because of overwhelming fear and anxiety. This can have a serious effect on your oral health.

At Dentistry at the Heights, Dr. Kevin Trotter puts patients at ease by providing sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry can be extremely helpful for patients at our Brooklyn Heights, NY, office under a number of different circumstances...

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves medication being administered before or during dental treatment to allow patients to feel calm and relaxed throughout a procedure. The type of sedation your dentist gives you is based on your level of anxiety, the length of your dental treatment, and what kind of dental treatment you are receiving. 

Sedation Can Help Two Types of Patients

Patients Who Avoid the Dentist...

Some people feel genuinely afraid at the mere thought of dental visits. This distress can result in a downward spiral in which patients neglect routine as well as urgent dental care. Over time, these problems can easily become severe.

...and Patients Who Go Reluctantly

Other patients make it to their appointments, but suffer greatly under the stress. Even if you don't identify with the phrase "dental phobia" and can at least tolerate being in the exam chair, there is a simple way to make this time more pleasant.

About Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry offers relief to patients who suffer from mild to severe dental anxiety. It is also helpful for patients undergoing a long procedure or several dental treatments at once. Our dental practice, Dentistry at the Heights, offers mild sedation, nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation.

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Marilyn Martinez


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Everyone at this office is very friendly and attentive. I use to fear going to the dentist but they really make you feel at ease.

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I’ve been a patient here for many years and have had a great experience with all of the doctors. The office staff is great as well!

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Sedation Dentistry Also Helps Us Work Faster

Patients who are tense or require frequent breaks are more difficult to treat. Choosing to undergo sedation dentistry at our Brooklyn, NY, dental office allows us to work more quickly and efficiently, which means less time in the dental chair and even fewer appointments. We might recommend sedation for several types of dental care, including:

Full Mouth Reconstruction

This custom dentistry plan combines two or more restorative procedures. For example, full mouth reconstruction patients at our Brooklyn Heights practice might need dental implants for missing teeth as well as a root canal and crowns for damaged teeth. 

Smile Makeover

Smile makeovers are similar to full mouth reconstructions, but instead of achieving practical improvements, this procedure is focused on cosmetic results. Patients who are receiving several veneers at our Brooklyn Heights practice, for example, might be more comfortable with the aid of sedation.

Types of Sedation We Offer 

Our doctor will thoroughly review your health history and current medications prior to determining the type of sedation to use. At our Brooklyn Heights dentistry office, we offer:

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral sedation is the use of orally administered medication to help a patient relax during a dental procedure. The medication is given in pill form and the sedative effects can range from minimal to moderate. You will be given a pill about an hour before your procedure and you will become groggy. If your doctor needs to ask you a question or needs you to move a certain way, you will be able to respond.

IV Sedation

IV sedation quickly delivers medication into the bloodstream during a dental procedure. Our office works closely with an anesthesiologist who is able to quickly adjust the level of sedation, if necessary. You will reach a state of near-sleep, and you will be monitored throughout treatment. This type of sedation is best for more complex or lengthy procedures.

Schedule an Appointment with Us

If you have been avoiding an overdue trip to the dentist, sedation could be the solution you're looking for. Our friendly, professional team is very experienced in providing sedation dentistry so that you can get the care you want and need. Dr. Trotter is a trusted member of the Brooklyn, NY, dental community and is affiliated with: 

  • New York State Dental Association
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • American Dental Association

For more information on how you may benefit from this helpful service, contact our Brooklyn office today. You can also reach us by phone at:

(718) 625-2116

Dr. Trotter with a patient

"I feel comfortable here."

Robin Germany has been a patient of ours for more than 35 years. She used to be a patient of Dr. Trotter's father, who was once the dentist in the office, and now continues to visit our practice. In this dental care testimonial, Robin discusses the comfort and professionalism she experiences at our office.

How Else Do We Help Patients Relax?

We consider it a privilege to serve our patients, so we begin by truly listening to your needs and concerns. We strive to create a compassionate environment and thoroughly educate you regarding all of your treatment options. We hope you can also find comfort in the fact that:

We Offer Amenities

We incorporate advanced technology into every aspect of your dental care. But we also know the smaller gestures, like offering noise-canceling headphones, Netflix, and Pandora®, make a big difference.

Our Office Is Trusted

Our dental practice has been serving the Brooklyn, NY, community for four decades. Dr. Trotter took over his father's practice more than 15 years ago and we are proud to treat generations of the same families.

Patients Love Our Expert Care

"Awesome", "amazing", and "friendly" are just some of the ways that patients describe our Brooklyn Heights practice. We value each and every patient and have earned hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google alone.

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The best dentist I ever visited.

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The staff is super friendly and explained everything simply for me to understand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive after my appointment?

Because you will be groggy from the sedation, you should have a friend or family member drive you to and from your dentistry appointment at our Brooklyn office. You should be able to resume your normal activities the following day.

Is sedation covered by dental insurance?

Sedation is not considered medically necessary since local anesthesia is used to numb the area and prevent discomfort. This means that it is not covered by insurance, but we do accept CareCredit® financing and are happy to assist you in applying.

I'm afraid of needles. Can I receive sedation?

Oral sedation simply involves taking one or more pills. Many of our patients find that this method achieves a sufficient level of relaxation.

What does dental sedation feel like?

Many patients are curious whether they will sleep through their treatment. The fact is that you will be in a deeply relaxed state, but not completely asleep. Some patients describe feeling groggy or light-headed. You will still be able to respond to your dentist, but you might not remember much of your appointment.

Dentistry at The Heights team

Dentistry at The Heights

Dentistry at the Heights is a family-run dental practice that has been proudly serving the community for over 40 years. Since taking over his father's practice over 15 years ago, Dr. Kevin Trotter has made it his mission to provide uncompromised excellence in dentistry. Dr. Trotter is a member of various prestigious dental organizations: 

  • New York State Dental Association
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • American Dental Association

Equipped with the latest dental technology, our team can create beautiful, custom dental restorations in one appointment. To schedule an appointment at Dentistry at The Heights, request a consultation online or call us at (718) 625-2116.

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