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Robin's Dental Care Testimonial

Dental Care Testimonial


Robin Germany has been a patient of ours for more than 35 years. She used to be a patient of Dr. Trotter's father, who was once the dentist in the office, and now continues to visit our practice. In this dental care testimonial, Robin discusses the comfort and professionalism she experiences at our office.

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Well, my name is Robin Germany. I've actually been coming here for a very long time. I used to be a patient of Dr. Trotter's father. So I think I have been coming here for 35 years or so. I saw his father for a very long time and at a certain point this Dr. Trotter started practicing here alongside his father. And for a long time, I didn't see the younger Dr. Trotter because I really didn't know him and so forth, I was used to his father. At some point the transition continued so that Kevin Trotter was taking over more and more of the practice. So, pretty much of a necessity I had to see him, and within one visit I felt really comfortable about it. And the fact is that, when I originally started coming here I worked in the area and I don't work anywhere near here anymore. But I continue to come here because I am really fond of Dr. Trotter and the way the practice runs.

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