Periodontal Disease


Periodontal disease can occur when bacteria, plaque, and tartar accumulate below the gumline. Type 2 diabetes and smoking can increase the risk of developing periodontal disease. During each checkup, Dr. Trotter and his team take a 360-degree look at every tooth for signs of the condition.

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A periodontal disease is a combination of bacteria buildup, plaque, and tartar that gets accumulated underneath the gums. If it's left undisturbed, it can lead to some very severe bone loss underneath the tissue. So, oftentimes, we'll recommend some treatments to help get that stuff removed so that patients have happier and healthier gums. There's a couple predisposing factors for somebody that has periodontal disease. Type 2 diabetes, smokers is also a high correlation to periodontal disease. When you come in, we always check 360 degrees. Around every single tooth, there's a pocket, and we measure it to make sure that they're happy, healthy pockets, and if it's anything deeper, then we let the patient know and we'll talk to them about it.

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