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Zoom!® in-office teeth whitening at Dentistry at the Heights offers immediate and satisfying results. We also offer take-home whitening kits. Patients who drink dark-colored beverages regularly may need to maintain their whitening with gels every few months.

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We offer Zoom in-office whitening, which is basically a 90-minute to 2-hour procedure where you come in, we bleach your teeth with a strong bleach and a light that helps activate the gel, and that's for patients who want an immediate result and an immediate whitening. For people who are a little bit more patient and are willing to do this at home, we can make custom trays for you, and give you the gel to take home with you, either that you wear during the daytime or at nighttime. There's different approaches to teeth whitening. It depends on what you're looking for. We think that the best combination is the in-office whitening so you get that immediate result, and then the maintenance afterwards, which is basically just wearing the trays at nighttime or for an hour or two here and there down the line. So the in-house bleaching typically lasts several months, if not longer. It really depends upon what the patient's habits are. So somebody who drinks a lot of red wine is probably going to need to maintain their whitening with gels every few months, and they can do that on their own at home with the trays that we make for them. For somebody who doesn't have a lot of colored additives, whether it be sodas or wine or anything that has color in it, the process is probably going to last longer. But what we do find is that once patients have their teeth lightened and they just maintain them, it's not an issue for anybody. Most people can't stop looking in the mirror when they're done with the process because they're like, "Oh my God, my teeth are so light." And they're thrilled and they just want to go show everybody and they take their selfies. So that's the kind of reaction we're getting from patients when they get the in-office whitening.

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