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In this patient testimonial, Mike expresses that Dr. Trotter made him feel comfortable by being direct, transparent, and compassionate. Since visiting our office, his teeth and gums are healthier than ever before, and he feels more confident about his smile. He gets a lot of compliments about his smile from his family and friends.

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I found Dr. Trotter after contacting a number of local dentists in Brooklyn. And, for me, what I was looking for was someone that just had an understanding of just what I had been going through. Typically, when I've been to a dentist, you feel a little insecure, you feel that you're going to get a lecture. With Dr. Trotter, it just felt more like a partnership, and I knew that he was going to tell me what I needed to hear and help me through the journey. What made me comfortable with Dr. Trotter was the directness, the transparency, but also just the compassion, understanding where I was coming from. So I first came to see Dr. Trotter almost two years ago. You know, as far as results go, I would say the starting point was a lot of cavities, general displeasure with my smile personally. And through this process, not only do we work towards just the general health of my teeth and my gums, but we were able to give me a smile that I'm very proud of now. The results have affected my life a lot. Generally speaking, very confident. I was always someone who was insecure about my smile, covered my mouth frequently. And, generally speaking, I get a lot of compliments now from friends and family that know what I've gone through here. As I think back about where I was just from my own personal self-esteem standpoint with my smile to where I am now, I'm very fortunate to have found Dr. Trotter and been able to come here and work with the staff. Even in the last year, I moved all the way to New Jersey, and I make it a point to continue to come to Dr. Trotter. Just knowing, again, that he's going to shoot me straight, I'm in good hands, and will be well taken care of.

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  • New York State Dental Association
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