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"I get lots of compliments on my teeth now."

Dental Crowns Testimonial - Brooklyn Heights, NY - Dr. Kevin Trotter


In this dental crowns testimonial, Deborah says she has been a patient of Dentistry at the Heights for the last 15 years. She suffered from teeth grinding, and the practice repaired her teeth with crowns. She says she frequently receives compliments about her smile now.

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Hi. I'm Deborah Banfield, and I have been coming to see Dr. Trotter for about the last 15 years. I've had everything from my checkups and cleanings to crowns to implants to cosmetic dentistry. So all of my ... Dr. Trotter has done all my front teeth up here. I had done a lot of damage to my teeth from grinding, so it came to a point where we just decided that we can do crowns on all of them and get them fixed up so I get lots of compliments actually on my teeth now. One of the things that I like about Dr. Trotter is that he is a perfectionist, so he works super hard to make sure that any kind of procedure that he's doing is of the utmost quality and that it looks good. I didn't realize that it would make such a difference in terms of my confidence and my appearance and just smiling, and I think I had noticed before actually, more than I consciously realized, that, you know, my teeth were kind of ground down. And, you know, they're just a nice size and they fit my face and they feel natural. It's amazing to see how the practice has grown, and Dr. Trotter has put, you know, efforts and money into building the practice out and modernizing it and all the equipment. So I feel very comfortable that I'm getting the latest technology, you know, when I come to the dentist as well. And that makes a difference.

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