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"They are very professional, very polite, very courteous."

A Dentistry Testimonial


In this dentistry testimonial, Doreen describes the care she has received from Dentistry at the Heights, where she has been a patient for 18 years. She says she is proud of her smile, thanks to their treatments. She appreciates the courteous demeanor of the entire staff.

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So I'm Doreen Hewitt. I've been in America 27 years, and Dr. Trotter and his practice have been in my life for 18 years. My relationship with him has grown, and it's not just I'm his patient. It feels more of a personal one. He has done an awesome job of correcting my mouth, and that came about because of the dental aspects I had in England. I had a brace and no retainer, hence, no retainer, all of that work went out the window. During the course of time of looking for a dentist that would work for me, eventually I came here, and, man, it's been a wonderful journey ever since. I have this smile, and I have it because of Dr. Trotter and all the work that he's done, the perfection he's into, making sure that it's to my liking, and just making sure that my dental health, hygiene, in all aspects, have been fulfilled. He's very thoughtful. He's very caring. He is just selfless, and I like that, love that about him. The staff, they are very professional, very polite, very courteous. They are very family-oriented, and that's why I've been here this long.

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